Damn Vulnerable DeFi — Setup and Challenge #1 Walkthrough

Peter Kacherginsky
3 min readNov 14, 2020

Damn Vulnerable DeFi is an Ethereum smart contract wargame developed by @tinchoabbate from OpenZeppelin. The competition includes 8 unique challenges educating players about various DeFi vulnerabilities.

In this article, I will share basic set up steps to get you started on the challenges and go over the first challenge.

Wargame Setup

To begin playing the wargame, you have to set up your local environment first. Start by cloning the challenges repository from Github and installing Node dependencies:

% git clone https://github.com/OpenZeppelin/damn-vulnerable-defi.git
% cd damn-vulnerable-defi
% npm install

Once you install all of the dependencies you can test the environment by listing available challenges as follows:

If you run into issues with the Node set up try reinstalling it or updating packages by running npm update.

The wargame is designed to run completely on users’ local machines using OpenZeppelin Test Helpers. So…



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